DB Living gives our customers a unique way of ordering and obtaining further information on our healthy hot drinks range.
We are a distributer of an up and coming hot drink product with not only a high quality taste, but a number of added health benefits that go with it.
You will find on this website detail on the individual products, testimonials from our customers and a simple and easy way to contact us to order or find out further information.
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My name is Dale Bennett, a professional footballer with a passion for healthy living. With a career in professional sports for the last 7 years, I have been introduced and exposed to a number of healthy and natural performance enhancing products.
Up until more recently, none of these products have had the impact I have been looking for, this changed when I came across Ganoderma Lucidum. This product has a number of health benefits and I now consume this daily through hot drinks in particular the red tea.
 I mention this because i suffered with acid reflux which made it difficult to consume certain foods and drinks which also affected my performance.
Having trialled this for a number of months and seen many of the positive effects it has have, I now want to educate and share this product with others to make an impact on their lives like it has done to mine.
If you are passionate about healthy living, enjoy consuming hot drinks and have been looking for a way to introduce healthy products to your diet then our range of hot drinks are a perfect way to start!